Four-Session Course For Chronic Anxiety in NYC

The New Four-Session Course For Chronic Anxiety in NYC

This Course teaches “Concentration Practice.” The student learns to keep oneself anchored by working with the breath (or another anchor of their choice) and “attentional control.” The intentions of the Course are reduced overall feelings of anxiety, and acute anxiety experiences are arrested.

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Reviews: The New Four-Session Course For Chronic Anxiety

  • "I sought Myra's help for panic attacks. She taught me how to focus my attention and develop deep breathing skills that have helped significantly reduce my anxiety symptoms. Her kindness helped encourage me to learn to take care of myself, and her enthusiasm for meditation pushed me to stick with the material and learn skills that will benefit me the rest of my life."
    K.S., Researcher

  • "I didn’t believe that I would ever be able to calm myself!"
    C.G., Teacher

  • "It took very little time to learn and practice methods that I use to calm my long-standing anxieties."
    M.J., Business Owner

  • "I recommend your course for Chronic Anxiety for everybody who wants to reduce stress in everyday life. Thank you."
    N.J., Homemaker

  • "I didn't think this was possible!"
    M.S., Physician