MBSR NYC by Dr. Myra Weiss: Basic Stress Reduction Course Courses and MP3's

Basic Stress Reduction Course in NYC

The Basic Stress Reduction Course is a 2-session Course with the first session focusing on relaxing the body and the second session on refocusing the mind.

Session One: The Body
Learning the skill of focused breathing enables you to relax the body and calm the mind.

Session Two: The Mind
The difference between feelings of unhappiness and happiness comes from the kind of thoughts we focus on. A technique is taught that shifts attention from unhappy thoughts to a focus which cultivates positive thoughts and feelings.

Students choose to be taught alone or with another person.

Included in this Course is Dr. Weiss’ Basic Stress Reduction CD.

A 30-minute, Free Evaluation Session is required to consider the appropriateness of these programs for you. »Click Here to contact Dr. Weiss to schedule an evaluation.

Reviews / For The Basic Stress Reduction Course & CD

  • "Dr. Weiss' soothing and gentle voice adds an unusual quality to her Basic Stress Reduction CD."
    Caretaker of Spouse

  • "Lovingkindness Meditation was a great tool for me when my wife was seriously ill."

  • "Dr. Weiss' guided body scan resolved my long-term sleeping problem!"

  • "Try the Lovingkindness meditation and discover a new way of handling the stresses of life. You will not be disappointed."
    Business Owner

  • "After listening to Myra's CDs, my thoughts no longer race - they are now on cruise control."
    Student / Anxiety Sufferer

  • "I keep returning to Myra's CDs. Her voice, calmness, pacing and language are always supportive and insightful. I've recommended these to many people and will continue to do so. Because of her CDs, I navigated through those waters of "I should do my meditation" to "I want to do my meditation." I'm forever grateful to her."
    Meditation Instructor

  • "Myra's recordings have literally changed my life by helping me reduce stress and making chronic pain less a part of my daily experience. She takes you through meditations in the most soothing voice imaginable. I have handed these CDs out to many of my friends and they all have thanked me profusely. Don't miss out on this transforming experience!"
    Business Owner & Homemaker

  • "One of the best parts of training with Myra is that she's all substance and no flash, the CD's are the same way - easy and very approachable. As you're ready for it, they reveal more to you."
    Management Consultant

  • "The CDs were great when I started and now that I'm a more experienced meditator, I still pop them in to tune up my practice."

  • "Myra Weiss' CDs helped me to feel more centered, calmer and more in control of my life. I am more alert and accepting of life moment to moment."

  • "Dr. Weiss's voice and choice of words are extremely soothing and easy to follow."

  • "Myra's Lovingkindness meditation opened me up to a new acceptance of myself and my surroundings."

  • "Dr. Weiss' Lovingkindness meditation helps me to be more compassionate toward myself and others."
    New Father

  • "Dr. Weiss' CD continues to help me reduce stress and chronic pain."

  • "I didn't think I could possibly sleep well and feel less back pain!"

The Basic Stress Reduction CD

»Click Here to learn about the Basic Stress Reduction CD & MP3 as well Dr. Myra Weiss's other CD's & MP3's. Available on iTunes and at CDBaby.com.