MBSR NYC by Dr. Myra Weiss: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction CD's and MP3's

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction CD's & MP3's:

Relieving Physical or Emotional Pain Mindfully

Introducing The All New CD & MP3!! Available In Either CD or MP3 Format!
Mindfulness meditation that is specifically directed toward relieving pain.

CD & MP3 available for purchase at:
MP3 available for purchase at:

Basic Stress Reduction

The Second MBSR-NYC Compact Disc!!
& Now Available In Either CD or MP3 Format!

The Basic Stress Reduction CD includes:

Guided Body-Scan / Relaxation:
The Body Scan facilitates a deep state of body and mind relaxation (20 minutes).

Guided Lovingkindness Technique:
This CD track teaches a way of cultivating positive thoughts and feelings (15 minutes).

CD & MP3 available for purchase at:
MP3 available for purchase at:

Mindfulness Meditation

The Original MBSR-NYC CD & MP3!!
Research indicates long-term benefits of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

The Mindfulness Meditation CD includes the following:

Guided Body-Scan / Relaxation:
In the MBSR Course, this 20-minute Body Scan is meant to facilitate your skill in ATTENTIONAL CONTROL. A side effect of this is that it frequently creates a deep state of relaxation, as you learn the art of escorting attention to where you want it to be. After consistent practice with this section of the CD, many people achieve the state of attentional control and relaxation by either listening to the CD for five-plus minutes daily or taking 3-4 seconds, a few times daily, to become mindful of the body.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation:
This 30-minute meditation facilitates moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, as well as a greater ability to influence life circumstances. Mindfulness Meditation can be done in any posture and at any moment during the day or night. After consistent use, meditation proceeds well with rare, or no, use of the CD.

Also includes:

Introduction to Walking Meditation:
This 8-minute introduction teaches the basics of walking meditation. Walking meditation is simply a meditation practice which uses the feet as the primary object of attention, instead of breath or any other region of the body.

CD & MP3 available for purchase at:
MP3 available for purchase at:

Reducción Básica Del Estrés

In Spanish / En Español

Este CD de REDUCCIÓN BÁSICA DEL ESTRÉS tiene dos componentes de audio. El primero se centra en la relajación del cuerpo, y el segundo ayuda a enfocar la mente.

El Cuerpo:
Aprender la técnica de la respiración consciente permite relajar el cuerpo y la mente. (20 minutos).

La Mente:
Los tipos de pensamientos en los que nos enfocamos determinan cómo nos sentimos emocionalmente. Se enseña un método que permite cambiar la atención de pensamientos tristes hacia un enfoque que genera pensamientos y sentimientos positivos. (15 minutos)

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MP3 disponibles para su compra en: